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Girard de
Lapier -
an impostor.
Year 1499
Fantasy novel.

B. Draguns

The approximate number
of words 109 000

Sketch of a cover,
proposed by the author



End of the 15th century, France. A well-prepared scout is sent into the past to prevent a global epidemic in the future.
His mission is to find people – the source of the epidemic. To achieve this, he wants to create a spy network of loyal people.
But the case disrupts the plans of the main character. He will have to save his own life, to fight and win. His will be wounded and taken prisoner. He will run away and travel in the southern half of France. He will get captured by pirates. He will find himself in Spain.
Without the participation of the main character, a spy network will actually be organized. He will only put people to the task.
But the main character is called up for service, and he heads to Italy as a scout. Here, he frees hostages who are the children of his beloved woman and, consequently, he marries her.
The main character has totally different plans, as he did not want to fight. But in order not to become a deserter, he has to deceive the commander of the French army.